Gay Brown

Campaign Consultant

Lorry traffic is another figure that Tesco do not like to detail. Yiewsley Community Involvement Group undertook a lorry count at the Metro sized Store in Yiewsley High Street, London Borough of Hillingdon. Over a period of six months the store had an average of 15 lorry deliverys per day (5 at night and outside the permitted hours). The Metro is 1,061 sq. m. The Co-op Store in Yiewsley was at the time 1,220 sq.m and said that a figure of 17 lorries per day was more appropriate.

At the Appeal we suggested that this had to relate to at least 50 lorries per day for a 7,390sqm. store as proposed at Yiewsley.

Tesco then produced a lorry count undertaken at Bull’s Bridge by Borehams (attached). This only covers the period from 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. Tesco have regularly claimed to be improving the traffic congestion in their delivery areas by sending two thirds of their goods at night. This would suggest that the lorry figure for this sized store should not be the 26 suggested by the count but more like the 50 we suggested or even more. Bull’s Bridge Hyperstore operates 24×7.

A local Ward Councillor stayed next to the Store service yard in his canal boat over night. He then called us to report that they had lorries arriving every 15 minutes throughout the night.

Tesco lorries are 44 ft. long (although Tesco’s proposal for Ashtead states 16.5m or 50ft approx) and 38 tonnes in weight. They are renowned for not sticking to the delivery hours agreed in planning conditions and using their large lorries where they have agreed to use the smaller ones to avoid creating dangerous entry and egress situations.

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10th December 2009