Our Previous 2009, 2010, 2011 Objections to Tesco’s Proposal

What we would like to see in Ashtead

We all agree that the unsightly old Esso site needs developing as soon as possible and that Ashtead Village needs a thriving retail environment.

Former Esso Site

Given that Tesco already owns the land, we would like to suggest something we believe is more appropriate:

  1. A store more akin in size and scale with the rest of The Street.
  2. The store need only have a front entrance (from The Street), to encourage shopping in other shops.
  3. On-site parking, with no change to the existing car parking arrangements in Ashtead.

Quentin Armitage (SAVE Spokesperson), Chris Grayling, MP for Epsom & Ewell and Gillian Russell (SAVE Spokesperson)

This solution, as supported by Chris Grayling M.P., would mean that the car park would not need to be extended nor raised, no trees would be felled, and there would be no problems involved in moving the long term car parking to Grove Road.

This would also leave sufficient room for parking for the rest of Ashtead, including the Peace Memorial Hall users. This solution would enhance and support the existing retail environment, as overall has occurred at Craddocks Parade, as opposed to Tesco’s proposal that would significantly detract from the viability and vitality of The Street.

This proposal would also not result in major traffic congestion especially at the Woodfield Lane/The Street(A24) junction.

We would very much welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments on our proposal. So no matter if you are for or against this, please let us know and leave a comment below.