Tesco Wins Appeal for Smaller Scheme

Mole Valley District Council

25 August 2010.

Mole Valley District Council was disappointed to hear that Tesco has won its appeal for the development of a small supermarket at the former Esso garage site on The Street in Ashtead.

Tesco had made two applications to Mole Valley District Council to develop a supermarket. The first was for a store measuring 1115 square metres, and was refused by the Council in March 2009. The second was for a smaller scheme of 750 square metres, and was refused in February 2010. The smaller of these two schemes has been allowed by an appeal inspector.

The application was refused by the Council on a number of grounds, including concerns that the proposed food store would be too large for Ashtead village centre and would dominate local food shopping. This would be detrimental to consumer choice and the character, vitality and viability of the shopping area. It was also thought that the proposals would lead to a significant increase in traffic at the junction of Woodfield Lane and The Street, which in the local context is considered unacceptable…