Tesco puts forward smaller store for Ashtead

By Guy Martin 
January 06, 2012

TESCO is set to submit plans for a smaller store in Ashtead after failing to solve parking issues with the site to allow it to build a larger supermarket.

The company was given permission to build a 750sq-m store in The Street in 2010 by a government planning inspector despite opposition to the size from villagers, some 6,000 of whom signed petitions.

But the inspector laid down a condition for parking problems in the area to be resolved first. He ruled that building could not start until Mole Valley District Council had found a new venue for 74 long-term spaces currently in the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall car park, behind the proposed supermarket.

Those spaces would be needed for shoppers but longer-term parking is also required for people using the hall and other facilities in the village.