Tesco is destroying our towns

Financial Mail Women’s Forum

Posted by Hilary Riva on Friday, December 11th, 2009 at 6:13 pm.

So I know how my local Tesco store is looking to improve its lfl. Management has reconfigured the entrance to squeeze in a Timpsons. Now I am a great admirer of Timpsons as a brand and agree that their kiosks in stations both overground and underground provide a fantastic service to a huge market. But where does it befit Tesco to sublet space in a tiny market to undercut Trev the cobbler, John the locksmith and Lyn the dry cleaner? All these aforementioned businesses are within 75 yards of the entrance of Tesco because it occupies prime space in the town centre. Tesco of course has a large and free carpark, Trev et al are in the pedestrian, (no parking, no waiting), wet and blustery main street.

So Tesco is providing a hugely convenient alternative to its customers who will no longer need to use shoe leather to carry that bulky dry cleaning to the quaint little shops of the town. And when they are gone and Tesco moves to a more cost effective location for its enlarged business we won’t even be Tescotown any more, we will be a ghost town. Just like all those dismal little towns you find in the USA…