Some Good News About Tesco

Friday 3rd October 2014

Working Together For Ashtead - from left to right: Glynis Peterkin (Ashtead Residents Association), Chris Ellis (Transition Ashtead), Gillian Russell (SAVE) and Caroline Cardew-Smith (TA and SAVE), in front of the Tesco site, September 2014



After many months of talking with Tesco about the site their new representative, Jack Pearson, recently met with representatives of SAVE, Transition Ashtead and The ARA (Ashtead Residents’ Association). As a result Tesco agreed to make the front 40% of their derelict site in the middle of Ashtead Village available as a community space/garden, until they start building.

Tesco have agreed to:

  1. Fence off the front 20 metres of the site for public use
  2. Level the site and clear weeds
  3. Remove the gates and chain linked fence at the front of the site
  4. Retain and repair the brick planter across the frontage to act as a barrier
  5. Provide 7 new, raised planters with compost ready for planting by Transition Ashtead and other local groups
  6. Install 2 3-seater benches in front of the planters, with probably a wood chip pathway

Tesco have not given a date for when they intend to start building the store, but it seems that it will not be for several years and it appears that the date keeps getting pushed back.

Numerous comments have been sent to the SAVE website making the case for the site to be used instead for housing/small retail units.

This could only happen if:

  1. Tesco sold the site on to a developer, or
  2. The site was compulsorily purchased by the Council for another developer.

SAVE’s official position supports either of these options. Please continue to make your views known to us via the web site. However unlikely both these options may once have seemed, given Tesco’s currently diminishing fortunes, we can only conclude that the future of this site is still far from clear, and surely anything could happen?

In the short term, however, we hope that Tesco will proceed to develop the community space asap.

I will keep you posted of any developments.

Remember you can post any comments on this below.

Thank you,

Gillian Russell
B.A, M.Sc. (Oxon.), CQSW, M.Phil. in Town Planning
Spokesperson for SAVE – “Save Ashtead’s Village Environment”