Site chosen is unsuitable for Tesco

Surrey Today

Friday, May 14, 2010, 08:00

David Buxton (ARA - Ashtead Residents Association - Treasurer), Gillian Russell and Quentin Armitage (Spokespersons for S.A.V.E.) and Paul Le Versha (Chairman of ARA). - Photography by Kenn Jordan

IAN Brown (Not enough supermarkets, Your Views, May 6), is mistaken in relating supermarket floor space to local population. What matters is the effect on local amenities.

When Tesco came to Leatherhead they used an out-of-town site where there was room to provide their own car park. In the Ashtead case, it wants a centre of village site where there is no room for a car park. It therefore proposes to take over the existing well-used public car park. Also, in the Leatherhead case, delivery lorries have no impact on the town, whereas in Ashtead the lorries will cause considerable trouble in the village…