Sad News – Tesco Metro Has Been Approved

“Thank you so much for all your messages of support and thanks, which have been flooding in since the final decision was made”

On Tuesday 11th September 2012 the Development Control Committee of Mole Valley District Council voted over-whelmingly to accept Tesco’s proposal for their Metro. We are obviously very disappointed. However, we have never been against a supermarket on this site, but wanted a smaller store with on-site parking.


This is because we have helped to:

  1. Reduce the store size by about 2/5ths
  2. Prevent a large back entrance
  3. Prevent  trolleys outside the store
  4. Prevent  the raising and extension of the APMH Car Park
  5. Prevent the destruction of 60 trees! 

The village will thrive best if people use the local shops as much as possible and let Tesco complement, not destroy, the local retailers.

Regarding Sustainability, we are dismayed that Mole Valley’s own sustainability policy (CS19) has been completely disregarded by allowing Tesco an exemption. The Council has failed to take this golden opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to their own policy and the pressing needs of the environment.

Thank you to everyone who has worked so hard on this campaign and to all our supporters. Thank to all the Ashtead councillors who spoke against the Tesco proposal, especially  Cllr John Northcott and Cllr Richard Brooke who proposed the original motion to reject Tesco. Cllr Northcott cited ‘lack of parking’ and Cllr Brooke cited ‘not reaching sustainability targets’. In particular thank you to the only two councillors, who when it finally came to the vote, voted against Tesco – Cllr Chris Hunt (Ashtead Village) and Cllr Derrick Burt (Dorking North).

With our very best wishes,

Gillian Russell BA, M.Sc. (Oxon), CQSW, M.Phil (Town Planning)
Judy Smale B.Sc, MBA
Quentin Armitage BA (Oxon) (Maths)

Spokespersons for Save Ashtead’s Village Environment (S.A.V.E)