‘Ray of hope’ for fight against Tesco in village

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Friday, September 03, 2010, 08:00
By Luke Bishop Luke.Bishop@EssnMedia.co.uk

Conservative District Councillor Chris Hunt talking to S.A.V.E supporters outside the Tesco site, on The Street, Ashtead Village.

AN ASHTEAD councillor has spoken of a “ray of hope” for residents over plans to build a Tesco in the village centre.

Although the plans to build a supermarket on the former Esso site in The Street were approved by planning inspector Nicholas Hammans, he insisted that the car parking situation was sorted out before building commenced.

In his report Mr Hammans said: “No development hereby permitted shall commence until the district council has confirmed in writing that it has made arrangements for the relocation of the existing 74 long-stay parking spaces in the Peace Memorial Hall Car Park and that all 181 proposed parking spaces shall be short-stay spaces to be retained thereafter.”

Chris Hunt, a Conservative councillor for Ashtead Village, thinks this may be the chance for the council to force Tesco to come back with a smaller store.

He said: “The consent is not quite what Tesco needed. The fact that the long-term parking spaces have to be reallocated before any development can start could be the sting in the tail for Tesco and the ray of hope for residents and visitors to the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall car park.

“Unless of course perhaps people are willing to have their gardens and homes knocked down or Tesco are going to buy up one of the local pubs…