Lines drawn in battle of Tesco

Surrey Today

Friday, July 23, 2010, 08:00

TESCO says massive opposition to its plans to build a supermarket in Ashtead is “galling”.

In its opening statement at Tuesday’s public inquiry into two separately rejected plans to build a Tesco supermarket at the former Esso site in The Street, the company refuted opposition claims by both the council and residents.

Christopher Katkowski QC, representing the supermarket company, said: “In overall conclusion, it is ironic and more than a little galling to find Tesco’s proposals to build a supermarket in a district centre met with such opposition.

“But once all the emotion is stripped out of the equation and one analyses the issues raised with a cool head, it is apparent that there is no overriding reason to reject either of the schemes.”

Both sets of plans were rejected by Mole Valley District Council after massive opposition from residents of the village…