Final salvos exchanged in Tesco battle

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Friday, July 30, 2010, 08:00

RESIDENTS and businesses both for and against plans to build a Tesco supermarket in Ashtead have had their say.

The views were aired during a week-long public inquiry looking into two rejected planning applications to build a supermarket at the former Esso site in The Street, Ashtead.

Among those who had their say was Gillian Russell, the founding member of the Save Ashtead’s Village Environment (SAVE) campaign group, which has opposed plans for the supermarket giant to build in the village.

Along with the Ashtead Residents’ Association SAVE raised £25,000 needed to hire a planning expert and barrister.

Miss Russell, of Woodfield Lane, said: “It was obvious from the outset that on planning grounds the proposal was totally inappropriate and thus SAVE was borne. But even I have been overwhelmed by how enormous and powerful a movement it rapidly developed into.”

She added: “We want to save our village from becoming a clone town. The proposed stores are simply too large for the site…