List of councillors’ email addresses

Thank you for your support, but to ensure that our objections to Tesco’s proposed plan gets through.
Please keep your messages to the councillors below, short and to the point, otherwise it may back-fire on us.

Ashtead councillors
Cllr David Howell
Cllr John Northcott
Cllr Chris Townsend
Cllr Bryan Davis
Cllr Chris Hunt
Cllr Chris Reynolds
Cllr Sylvia Sharland

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Development committee members
Cllr Bob Hedgeland
Cllr Bridget Lewis-Carr
Cllr Bryan Davis
Cllr Caroline Salmon
Cllr Carolyn Corden
Cllr Chris Hunt
Cllr Chris Reynolds
Cllr Daphne Ladell
Cllr John Northcott
Cllr Malcolm Johnson
Cllr Margaret Cooksey
Cllr Maurice Homewood
Cllr Rosemary Dickson
Cllr Sylvia Sharland
Cllr Valerie Homewood

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Development committee substitutes
Cllr Andrew Freeman
Cllr Ben Tatham
Cllr Chris Townsend
Cllr Clare Curran
Cllr David Howell
Cllr David Sharland
Cllr Derrick Burt
Cllr Iain Murdoch
Cllr James Friend
Cllr Janette Purkiss
Cllr Michael Howard
Cllr Penny Hedgeland
Cllr Stephen Cooksey
Cllr Tim Loretto

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Other councillors
Cllr Anne Howarth
Cllr David Walker
Cllr Donald Webb
Cllr Emile Aboud
Cllr Jean Pearson
Cllr John Chandler
Cllr Kate Horden
Cllr Kathryn Westwood
Cllr Mick Longhurst
Cllr Paul Elderton
Cllr Tim Hall 
Cllr Vivienne Michael