Council Officers recommend acceptance of Tesco’s proposal

BREAKING NEWS – Officers recommend acceptance of Tesco’s proposal

The Planning Department are recommending acceptance of Tesco’s proposal. However, we understand the recommendation is marginal and finely balanced. The Councillors’ final decision on February 3rd 2010 could thus be swung by the very high level of local opposition. In this final week it is therefore essential that we maximise the demonstration of the strength of local opinion, as this could be the deciding factor.

There are already over 1100 letters of objection, many more than last time. We have 5,500 signatures on our petition. Our aim is to exceed the 6,318 reached last time. We now urgently need help in collecting as many more signatures as possible.

What you can do

  1. Send a letter of objection if you have not already done so via here.
  3. Print off the blank petition forms, available here –
  4. Sign the petition here if you have not already signed the petition (please only sign the petition once).
  5. Phone/email us if you can help us collect signatures, e.g. at the station, outside schools.
  6. Please contact us if you have any other ideas and join our Facebook group.
  7. Send a letter of objection to the car park extension into the garden of 18 Woodfield Lane, this is planning Application no. MO/2009/1474.
  8. Add your own comments to the pro forma letter and send it to the council or us by 10 a.m. Monday 1st February 2010.
  9. Collect signatures and return them before 10 a.m. on Monday February 1st 2010 (16 Woodfield Lane, the white house next to the Peace Memorial Hall)

Please pass this information on to anyone who might be interested.
Your help could really make the difference.

Below is a list of councillors’ email addresses:

Thank you for your support, but to ensure that our objections to Tesco’s proposed plan gets through.
Please keep your messages to the councillors below short and to the point, otherwise it may back-fire on us.

Ashtead councillors
Cllr David Howell
Cllr John Northcott
Cllr Chris Townsend
Cllr Bryan Davis
Cllr Chris Hunt
Cllr Chris Reynolds
Cllr Sylvia Sharland

List for copying into email To field:;;;;;;

Development committee members
Cllr Bob Hedgeland
Cllr Bridget Lewis-Carr
Cllr Bryan Davis
Cllr Caroline Salmon
Cllr Carolyn Corden
Cllr Chris Hunt
Cllr Chris Reynolds
Cllr Daphne Ladell
Cllr John Northcott
Cllr Malcolm Johnson
Cllr Margaret Cooksey
Cllr Maurice Homewood
Cllr Rosemary Dickson
Cllr Sylvia Sharland
Cllr Valerie Homewood

List for copying into email To field:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Development committee substitutes
Cllr Andrew Freeman
Cllr Ben Tatham
Cllr Chris Townsend
Cllr Clare Curran
Cllr David Howell
Cllr David Sharland
Cllr Derrick Burt
Cllr Iain Murdoch
Cllr James Friend
Cllr Janette Purkiss
Cllr Michael Howard
Cllr Penny Hedgeland
Cllr Stephen Cooksey
Cllr Tim Loretto

List for copying into email To field:;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Other councillors
Cllr Anne Howarth
Cllr David Walker
Cllr Donald Webb
Cllr Emile Aboud
Cllr Jean Pearson
Cllr John Chandler
Cllr Kate Horden
Cllr Kathryn Westwood
Cllr Mick Longhurst
Cllr Paul Elderton
Cllr Tim Hall 
Cllr Vivienne Michael