Car parking crackdown at village shops

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Friday, August 13, 2010, 08:00

POLICE officers have been forced to crackdown on bad parking in an Ashtead shopping parade.

Inconsiderate parking in Craddocks Parade has led to “traffic chaos” according to neighbourhood specialist officer Jason Woods.

PC Woods said: “Shoppers are parking in the designated loading bays, causing the delivery lorries to queue in the road.

“This is causing congestion and traffic chaos in the village, which is of concern to us as well as to residents.”

In response to this new markings have been painted along the road and clearer signs have been put around the loading bays to make sure vehicles don’t park there.

The neighbourhood team will also be taking strict measures against any motorists seen breaking the rules.

PC Woods added: “I have put up my own signs warning motorists not to obstruct the road or park in the loading bay and have drafted a letter that will be sent directly to registered keepers of vehicles seen parked in the loading bays, pointing out that these bays are for loading only…