Ashtead Tesco campaigners claim supermarket’s parking data is flawed

Leatherhead Advertiser

Friday, May 25, 2012
CAMPAIGNERS claim Tesco underestimates parking requirements at a planned store in Ashtead.

Save Ashtead’s Village Environment (Save) carried out a survey at the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall and Grove Road car parks for 20 weekdays in March.

Where would you park

Save campaign members in the Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall car park. Photo by Kenn Jordan

And a report, compiled by the group during the four-week period, has found there were eight times when 75 or more of the 84 short-stay spaces were occupied.

Michael Butler, who helped compile the report, said: “The counts have shown the car park is full when there are large events at the hall already, without a store.

“The count shows that Tesco’s assertions are just incorrect.

“We hope firstly that the planners take a good look at this then start seriously questioning the numbers put forward by Tesco.

“If that causes Tesco to rethink their numbers then that’s fine. Their numbers at the minute don’t have credibility, the counts prove it.”

The count, carried out by volunteers from March 5 to March 30 inclusive, also found there were only seven mornings when there were sufficient short-stay spaces to meet Tesco’s own figure of 43 spaces for peak morning customer parking demand.

The counts at Grove Road showed peak occupancy was 20 spaces filled, but Save says the remaining 26 spaces would not be enough to fit the overflow from the APMH car park.

And campaigners insist the problem could be even worse, as they believe Tesco’s figures for parking underestimate demand…