Alldays store, in Ashtead, given permission for bright signs to compete with new Tesco

Epsom Guardian

7:30am Thursday 16th September 2010
By Paul Teed

A convenience store built in a 17th century Grade II listed building has been granted permission to put up “garish” new blue and yellow signs that make it look like a “Cadbury’s Flake wrapper”.

Councillors said Alldays, in the Street, Ashtead, should be allowed to erect the illuminated fascia after hearing it needed to attract more customers to compete with Tesco, which is due to build a new supermarket nearby.

The shop was built at the front of one of the oldest buildings in the village, and Ashtead Residents’ Association opposed its application for new signs because it feared they would be too bright.

However, Mole Valley Council’s development control committee unanimously approved the make-over.

Ashtead Village Councillor Chris Reynolds said: “They should be congratulated for looking ahead and doing some work preparing to fight the fight, because they are going to have a battle on their hands.”

Ashtead Park Councillor Chris Townsend added: “We have to remember what’s been happening recently in Ashtead…