3,917 sign Keep Ashtead Meter Free Petition

Left to Right - Jackie Quinn, Judy Smale, Cllr. Chris Hunt, Gillian Russell & Richard Elphick with the KAMF petition, March 28th 2011 plus other Ashtead traders. Pictures by Kenn Jordan

By Cllr Chris Hunt | cllr.hunt@molevalley.gov.uk


Thank you to everyone who has signed the petition – 3,917 as of yesterday. That is more people than replied to the Tesco questionnaire I think!

By lobbying and with constructive ideas, and backing up the arguments with the sheer strength of public feeling in Ashtead, we have already got a concession from Surrey County Council – they say they will allow the first half hour parking FREE. As the spaces are currently available for free parking for half an hour anyway, that is a good first concession. We are now seeking the financial details to see whether with 30 mins free anyway whether it will be viable to install any meters in Ashtead.

One of the idea I have suggested is that SCC have several floors of a multi-storey car park in Kingston, which they use for their council officers during the week and are available for shoppers at weekends. If those spaces were available for shoppers – or council employees – at the standard hourly rate there (C£2 per hour; it is central Kingston!) then the County could generate lots of money and not put at risk any local businesses. Await their response….but hope this shows we are not just protesting, but trying to help them solve the problem.

Thank you to all shopkeepers who hosted the petition, and of course to SAVE and all residents who have signed it – fantastic, thanks.

Chris Hunt