13th May 2012 Letter of Objection

Re: Planning Application no. MO/2012/0234/PLAMAJ

Proposal for Tesco Metro, Ashtead Village

Please find attached SAVE’s third Objection to the above development.

The Objection consists of a “Report on Car Park Counts in The Ashtead Peace Memorial Hall and Grove Road Car Parks in March 2012″ by Quentin Armitage and Michael Butler. The Report has 3 Attachments:

  1. APMH Peak Short-Stay Daytime Parking Demand March 2012
  2. Moving Long-Stay Parking from APMH to Grove Road
  3. APMH User Groups March 2012

SAVE objects on the grounds that the Car Park Counts carried out in March 2012 and the Parking Analysis prepared by Quentin Armitage (which was submitted as our first Objection on 29th March 2012, and which will shortly be re-sent as a revised and expanded Analysis) combine to demonstrate that the parking figures included in Tesco’s current planning application lack credibility and also very significantly under-estimate the parking demand and the adverse parking impacts which would result in Ashtead village from Tesco’s proposed store.

With kind regards,

Gillian Russell BA, M.Sc. (Oxon.), M.Phil.(Town Planning)
Judy Smale B.Sc. MBA
Quentin Armitage BA (Oxon.) (Maths)
Spokespersons for SAVE – “Save Ashtead’s Village Environment”