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Important Tesco News


7th April 2014

I have had a talk with our helpful Tesco contact, Beth Greenhouse, who is happy for you all to know the following information:

  1. Tesco still intend to build the store BUT their plan is not to build it before November 2015 which is when the current planning permission expires. They then intend to apply for an extension of their planning permission so that the store could be built after that date.
  2. Tesco are keen to make some (but not all) of the site available for the community to use in the meantime. This would probably be the front portion of the site. Beth cited flower beds, benches etc. Tesco will be liaising with Ashtead’s community groups including SAVE, the ARA and Transition Ashtead about how best this might be achieved. There are, for example, important Health and Safety issues to consider.

Thank you to The ARA (Ashtead Residents Association) who have been moving the project of the interim community use of the site forward through a series of face to face meetings with Beth, which we understand will continue.

I will keep you posted regarding any further news but it seems the site will definitely remain vacant for the foreseeable future.

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Thank you,

Gillian Russell
B.A, M.Sc. (Oxon.), CQSW, M.Phil. in Town Planning
Spokesperson for SAVE – “Save Ashtead’s Village Environment”


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Sarah April 15, 2014

Would it be amazing for a developer to approach Tesco with a viable offer and allow Tesco opt out of Ashtead for good… I’m not convinced that ‘affordable housing’ exists for most in a real sense, however sheltered/supported housing might work well for that site?

That might help ensure the future of quality, affordable shops and the odd free parking space in Ashtead too!


Chris Hunt April 10, 2014

Thank you Gillian for the update.

Several people have suggested that the site needs to be developed before the consent ends, and not form part of a land bank…and from the open meeting organised by ACV as well as some of the copy letters I have received I know that the idea of affordable housing with smaller shops to the front may be popular.

I wonder if a developer – with funds – might approach Tesco on this? If not, is there any support for the Council seeking a commercial partner for a compulsory purchase, to regenerate The Street and provide needed housing, given the push by the Coalition Government to promote the economy. Presumably there will be other retailers or developers who can get this site developed sooner than the current owner. Does anyone know what Tesco’s timeframe is?

In the meantime I think that the front of the site, if that is the available area, could be a great area for a special temporary ‘Centenary Garden’ to make the 100 years since 1914 and I wonder if the Woodland Trust might be interested in setting up a ‘fund-raising’ centre – eg a temporary caravan – as a focus for the plans to plant the centenary forest in nearby Langley Vale?? It would draw people to the site, and be far better than having fenced-off gravel in these special years.

If Tesco were to allow such a use it might go some way to gain the supporty of residents and placate those whose businesses are struggling with an empty site year after year.


Blanche Douglass April 9, 2014

Tim Blythe ..You may be cynical, so am I. This is almost certainly what they will do.
It is highly unlikely that any one of us would ever trust them an inch. However we must wait and see.
In the meantime lets turn the site from an eyesore to a feature we can all enjoy.


John Rowley April 8, 2014

Perhaps we should have nominated this site for housing, specifically affordable housing!


Tim Blythe April 8, 2014

Is it just me being cynical or do you think Tesco’s are deliberately letting their planning permission lapse so they can go in for a new planning permission for a bigger store?

I don’t think the Ladies and Gents at SAVE should so readily believe the representative from Tesco’s, after all Tesco’s is one of the most cut throat organisations around.


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